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South Moravia Landscape

South Moravia Landscape

Landscape of South Moravia is very photogenic, so I went there this weekend photo podniknul next trip. I left Friday morning and the first borrowed off a car . It is not a necessity, but rather convenience. Some local travel and field trips are full of holes. The last time I climbed it with the Octavia :)

Moravia greeted me a beautiful sunny day and temperatures above 20 degrees. It was a big difference compared to winter, which I have welcomed the previous phototrip. After arriving here are staying in a nice house Orion Hovorany.

South Moravia


Saturday started getting up before 5 o'clock. I really did not want us, but our vision of nice photos after all forced to go. Upon arrival at the attended location but disappointing. Sunrise took place. The sky was overcast and a forecast reported that following the weekend. With depkou So we went looking for at least another new place.

trees in moravia

You just come to us but lucky, after about three hours, the clouds tear and the sun began to shine. A few clouds in the sky left and the beautifully painted with shadows on the landscape. Photographic frenzy began taking pictures as before.

Rest of the day we were looking for a new photography site and enjoyed the evening photographing the sunset. Unfortunately, the evening sun ducked under a big cloud. Although for a while then came out just before sunset, but for some super photos of it already was.

Moravské lány


The alarm clock rings at 4:30 already, and we find that it is raining. Moving the clock on the hour, then another hour and finally get up before eight o'clock. Outside is cloudy and there is no need to pour anywhere. Since it is not to shoot, so we are changing our schedule and we're going to discover new sites.

Although no longer raining, but everywhere is mud that sticks to a lot of shoes and a car. This greatly restricts the possibilities and try to move only after a hard surface. On a dirt road to try how the car behaves in the mud. On the hard ground is soft muddy porridge in the car absolutely don´t turn.

Moravia waves
moravia landscape

Apple iPad for photographers

On previous trips, I realized that I threw a small portable notebook, which would also have some photos. This time I had lent Apple iPad . This is great for writing notes, scanning maps or seeing on the Internet. However, you must have access to Wi-Fi. As regards the actual viewing captured images, so it is a bit complicated. More but I will describe in a separate article.

04.05.2010 | Photo trips

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