Autumn in Bohemian Switzerland - photographer | Jiri Sebek
Autumn in Bohemian Switzerland

Autumn in Bohemian Switzerland

The last two weekends I spent taking pictures in Czech Switzerland. I was looking forward to the autumn landscape.

However, the reality was very different. My first weekend in the Bohemian Switzerland welcomed temperatures around zero and 10-20 cm of snow. Whole time, turns to rain and snow showers.

Snow in Bohemian Switzerland

The second weekend I spent in the Bohemian Switzerland with colleagues from Unfortunately, even this weekend nevyvedl according to our ideas. Trees were very few colored the whole time we accompanied by low clouds. There was, for example, take pictures of the prospects.

Co jsme fotili

These conditions were suitable for photographing the contrary, in the woods and valleys of rivers and streams. Morning clouds gave way as excel beech forests.

Buky v Českém Švýcarsku

Despite bad weather, I judge the photo expedition to the Bohemian Switzerland positively. We did capture some interesting pictures and find some new places.

Sucha Kamenice Sucha Kamenice
Tress in Bohemian Switzerland
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