Fine Art prints

I´m a perfectionist. I want my photographs to be perfect.

And you can have that kind of photograph, too!

What makes my framed prints unique?

  • There are only 11 prints in the whole world

    Photographs are issued in limited editions of eleven. The authenticity of the photo is certified.

  • I personally take care of everything

    As the author, I carry out the tasks associated with the printing and framing process.

One print says more than a thousand words

Look at how a framed print can change your home.

  • Fotografický obraz v kuchyniA photograph in a wooden retro frame
  • Fotografický obraz v pokojiA photograph in an elegant aluminium frame

No ink, but a real photograph

I print my photos in a lab, using chemicals, and the high-quality photographic paper Fujifilm. Digital exposure to light and enlargement generate a photograph of unique properties.

  • Perfect colours

  • A high number of details

  • Long-lasting

I have tested different frames for 8 years

Until I found what I was looking for – two special frames from Nielsen.


    The photograph is framed in aluminium

    UV lamination film

    High-profile frame for a three-dimensional look

    Small 60x40 / 50x50 cm 4 000 CZK

    Medium 90x60 / 75x75 cm 6 000 CZK

    Large 120x80 / 100x100 cm 9 000 CZK

    XXL 150x100 / 125x125 cm 15 000 CZK


    The photograph is framed in wood

    The photograph is mounted

    Protective glass

    Small 60x45 / 50x50 cm 4 500 CZK

    Medium 90x66 / 75x75 cm 6 500 CZK

    Large 120x90 / 100x100 cm 9 500 CZK

    XXL 150x113 / 125x125 cm (no glass) 15 000 CZK

Would you like another size, or do you want a photograph without a frame? No problem at all - send me a message.

My customers have said

  • Kateřina Čápová, Prague

    “We are fully satisfied with the quality of the delivered print. We appreciate not only the beautiful and original motif, high quality processing of the photograph, the whole picture, including the frame and glass, but also the communication with the author, who quickly replied to all our and comments and wishes.”

  • Michaela Herzánová, Brno

    “The photograph by Jiří Šebek was intended as a gift for my parents. It was really a great one! My parents loved the photo. Jiří has given us valuable advice on the choice of frames and mounting. The photograph, beautiful by itself, was wonderfully complemented by the recommended frame.”

  • Kateřina Havrlant,

    “The photographs by Jiří Šebek are both a great gift and a souvenir. All my colleagues and foreign guests were delighted with them in the past.”

  • Bára Kolková, AEGON

    “Zarámovanými fotografiemi od pana Šebka jsme potěšili naše zahraniční hosty. Je to ideální vzpomínka na Prahu! Velmi mile nás překvapil i přístup autora k jednotlivým objednávkám. I přesto, že jsme na dodání velmi spěchali, tak nám vyšel ve všem vstříc.”

  • Milena Trnková, Praha

    “Darovala jsem své dceři a zeťovi dvě Vaše fotografie a fotky měly opravdu velký úspěch!”

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