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Czech Tuscany

Czech Tuscany

This weekend I spent taking pictures in southern Moravia. I left Friday morning and stayed in a nice house and a wine cellar in Hustopece Herbenka.

In Moravia, I went out to take pictures of rolling countryside, similar to the one I found in Tuscany. I previously had only a selection of locations around Hustopečí and Kyjova. Specific places I did not know in advance.

South Moravia

Over the weekend, so I traveled many miles searching for interesting places. If you are traveling by car, so you have to reckon with the fact that you often go on field trips. After returning the car had a brown color instead of silver.

On Friday I photographed mainly around Hustopečí. The landscape is more forested, and it was difficult finding places of interest. Even so, however, I found some interesting places.

On Saturday, I moved closer to the description. The local landscape consists of several meadows, fields and plains. For me it was strictly a photographic paradise. For lunch I stopped at Bukovany Mill, where they have an excellent selection of dishes Slovácko cuisine. Moreover, here you can take pictures of the windmill.

Sunday I started taking pictures at the New Mills Dam. My goal was solitary in the middle of the water. Then I went back Kyjov direction, where I discovered other interesting places. Then unfortunately I had to go to Prague.



The biggest negatives were about the weather. Temperatures over the weekend ranged from 0 to 10 °. Shooting interrupts constantly rains and some hail. All this time the wind was blowing very strong, when it was necessary to keep the camera on a tripod, to pervert.

Most of the time was overcast and the landscape were very sluggish. In place so it was necessary to wait ten minutes before the sun peeked through the clouds and created an interesting scenery.

South Moravia Landscape

Local landscape literally enchanted me. The landscape is beautifully undulating, and there are green and brown stripes. Places you find a nice solitary or hide. But the photographer must be able to grapple with the power pole. A frequent feature of the landscape Srnka or hares. Already planning another photo trip to South Moravia.

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South Moravia
13.04.2010 | Photo trips

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