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Rainy weekend in Bohemian Switzerland

Rainy weekend in Bohemian Switzerland

This weekend I spent photographing in the Czech Switzerland. We had it planned long in advance, and except me, went even Vojta Herout, Michael and Andy Vitasek Prosický.

Unfortunately, we failed to plan the ideal weather. Previous 7 days in the Czech Switzerland shining sun and it was a wonderful morning fog. Since Saturday, when we arrived until our departure, however, it´s raining.

This changed our plans. Instead of photographing the landscape views of the sun-drenched, we could only take pictures of various details in the forest or in the canyons. As such weather accompanied us in the Czech Switzerland almost always, so we're used to it and know where to go shoot.

Mlžná silnice v Lužických horách Mlžná silnice v Lužických horách


As threatened interesting sunrise, so we arrived in the afternoon. In some places, luckily, the fog rolled. We could shoot some solitary shrouded in fog and not mind that it's pouring. At night it is very dark, and to shoot it no longer.


This time we got up this morning and went to the Lusatian Mountains. We are expecting the low clouds on the tops of some hills, which would give us an ideal opportunity to take photos of interesting details of the forest drowned in the fog.

Cloud, however, was too high, so we moved toward Hrensko. There we walked through a meadow and looking to shoot more solitary. Were it not for the recent floods, so we went into the gorges, which are shooting vv as the weather made. After the floods are totally destroyed and so thankful I took the dry Kamenice.

Vysoká hladina na Suché Kamenici Vysoká hladina na Suché Kamenici

It is normally dry at this time. This time there pouring stream of dirty brown water. Unfortunately, there was a lot of debris, branches, etc. The photographic terms, the only interesting tributary of iron, which is distinctive in color.

Partly cloudy dropped after all, so we went to the Lusatian Mountains. Especially, we are taking photos odrazovky on the road. Before nightfall we had tried pannig of cars in the fog, which is managed primarily Vojta more than me.

zkouška panningu Zkouška panningu


On Monday I left Switzerland in Czech only me and Vojta. Reported an improvement in the forecasts the weather on Monday and Tuesday. Nothing like that happened, and unfortunately all the rain ceased.

After the experience of the previous two days we went straight to the Lusatian Mountains. In this weather, it was one of the few places where they could work something out. Finally, here we took some interesting photos in the forest road shrouded in fog light.

Silnice v Lužických horách Silnice v Lužických horách

Thus ended our stay and we went back. This fall I plan several trips to the Bohemian Switzerland and I hope that next time we come out better weather.

28.09.2010 | Photo trips

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