Kamenice & Dolsky mlyn

Kamenice & Dolsky mlyn

There is another part of Photo Guide to Czech and Saxon Switzerland. We Focus on the river Kamenice Dolsky mill.



Kamenice springs in the Lusatian Mountains, flows through the Czech Switzerland and then in Hrensko empties into the Elbe. We mainly focus on the part around Dolského mill. A bit before it flows into Kamenice rocky gorges and them is woven into its mouth to the Elbe.

In many places the water growing green algae, which creates ideal conditions for photography. In one picture, you can have water, green algae and behind rocks. Place can be found in the various stones, water, small streams cascade. Everything that is needed for shooting water for a long time.

Dolsky mill Dolsky mill

This area is dominated by the Dolský Mill . Currently there is no longer only a fragment of the mill. Specifically, the perimeter wall of the mill and the foundations of other buildings. In addition to the mill is a refurbished drive with the mill wheel.

Not so long ago, the mill was in good condition. Swam there as one of the scenes tales "The Proud Princess". Due to the filming, however, was one of the demolished buildings. Subsequently, the mill fell into disrepair until it got into the current situation. Now, thanks to various associations leads to the reconstruction efforts, or at least enshrining the mill buildings.

Best time for shooting

Best time for photographing Kamenice around Dolského mill is autumn. There's a lot of deciduous trees, where they play out their color variations. All this is then also mirrored on the water.

Do these places often walk in case of rainy weather. Due to the rain will color the intensity and the prospects in this weather can not photograph very well.

Where to find Kamenice?


Kamenice and Dolsky mill on photos

Kamenice Kamenice

Dolsky mill Dolsky mill

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Another photos of Bohemian Switzerland

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