Apple iPad for photographers

Apple iPad for photographers

Most photographers, what goes on photographic journey, solve the problems are quite similar. Where to back up photos as you view photos, photo diary where you write, how to write messages on the web or as necessary to look at satellite maps. This solves all small notebook or netbook. These are but a great device that is ideal for travel. Change should now be able to bring Apple iPad.

apple ipad

iPadu ergonomics

Dimensions 243 x case, declared the 190th Size is between A4 and A5 format. Compared to mini laptops is pretty small. But when you want to plug in somewhere and find that not too small. Photographers will have an advantage, as they backpack with laptop compartment.

Case to hold well over time but will come at its 680 grams too. You begin to worry where to put it (Note: Laptops are from 1kg above).

As the first thing I recommend is to buy a protective cover (note the box will give you only the very case). Its large display is none the less prone to damage.

The packaging is also possible to have the case placed in a tilting state. I had a case laid flat on the table and it was one of the things that bothered me the most. On the writing is good, but still one I would have tilted the display itself.

apple ipad case

Virtual keyboard

Case is beautifully controlled intuitively. Touch control funguju precise man you love him very quickly. People do not even think about a particular offering, everything is pretty clear. This certainly know the owners of the Apple iPhone. Just then you accidentally choose the other facilities operated by touching :) Excellent thing that I liked it almost immediately started.

I was a little worried about the virtual keyboard. I was pleasantly surprised but, wrote on her relatively well. The buttons are as big as the PC keyboard. Although the number of typos was greater, but not in any way radically.

The question is, how will the keyboard with the Czech extra characters. I was available to the U.S. version without diacritics.

apple ipad keybord

Display a prohlížení fotek

The strength is obviously the case, declared the display. Was used here IPS panel with a resolution of 1024x768. Format display is 4:3 and photos so you'll have to reckon with incomplete margins.

The display is clearly superior, and like making the presentation of photos. Certainly you can not be ashamed to bring someone to show photos of the case, declared.

Durability and performance

Other strengths of the case, declared it his stamina. A single charge should stand 10 hours. If you do not use wi-fi and more. This is a big difference compared to laptops. You, on average, lasts about 4 hours and yet they must pull a heavy power adapter.

Wi-Fi, 3G, or how the Internet

The Internet is without foundation and is half the cases. You can view it just the things you have in it natahali or play games. All models include the base of Wi-Fi. Fortunately, it is now part of most accommodation and restaurant facilities.

Photographer but still wants to join also in the field. In this case it is necessary to choose a more expensive option, which includes 3G modem. It is also the need to buy a phone card, preferably with a data tariff.

Internet and maps

Surfing the internet is just show. Safari manages to show most of the pages in order and everything is enhanced touch interface. A treat is the map application with Google maps. Using satellite maps you can easily view the location photographed from above. All you can quickly and easily move or zoom.


Photographers like to keep diaries on the road. Already contains a default version of the event block of notes. Comments you can then further divided into individual topics. This block is fully sufficient.

Disappointment for me was the case, declared that it did not work well popular Google Notebook. This is not an error case, declared.

Transferring pictures from camera

This chapter I have deliberately left at the end. This is the case, declared the use of the main stumbling blocks for photographers. Case, unfortunately, has no USB connector. To get into the case, declared their photos, so you need to buy Camera Connection Kit. It includes a USB connector and SD card reader.

Most photographers have in their own DLSR DSLR Compact Flash card. The only solution is to connect the camera to the event via USB and download photos directly from him. Canon unfortunately still not dealing with mass storage, so the question is what happens when you connect the camera. This, unfortunately, I could try. If you have ever tried, be sure to let us know.

Another option is to use a USB connector and to involve CF card reader. Again, however, question whether the case will be able to use the reader.

apple ipad camera connection kit

Other fuctions

The last function, which I would welcome the possibility to connect to the projector case. Sometimes arises the possibility that a photographer has to show her pictures on the projector and the case would be ideal to do so.

For this you need to buy a docking station and a VGA adapter. Then it should be possible.


The conclusion is basically simple. Case is the ideal companion for the photographer, in the event that he can get into your photos. Otherwise, the photographer must make do with a larger laptop.

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