Fotograf Jiří Šebek

Jiří Šebek

Jiri Sebek was born in Prague in 1981, where he still lives presently. He graduated from the Higher Professional School of Informatics in Ceske Budejovice. He works as a graphic and webdesigner. He started to take photopgraphs seriously in 2004, when he bought a digital camera Konica Minolta A2. He replaced his former compact camera, which he used to make family pictures.

Topics of photographies

At that time is Jiri focused especially on making pictures of the countryside and macrophotography. As the time he started to discover the fascination taking architecture picture. In some time, he felt limited by his existing equipment, so he exchanged Minolta with digital reflex camera Canon 20D with wide-angle lens Canon 10-22. He also uses 50mm lenses with long focus.

Jiri would like to devote more time to photography of architecture and their details, so he would like to upgrade his equipment for shift lens and analogue reflex camera. Jiri prefers black and white photography. It helps to come out to lines and structures of architectonic details. If needed he also works in colour.


* 2010 - výstava fotografií Prahy - 4D Centrum, Praha * 2008 - výstava fotografií krajiny - 4D Centrum, Praha

Publishing activity

* 10/2009 - 13 photos for architecture calender 2010 * 09/2009 - cover book photo for - Antaloghy of Czech prose (Swedish translate) * 05/2009 - photos to book Palace Akropolis * 03/2008 - cover book photography Paul Auster - New York Trilogy (Czech translation). * 09/2007 - cover book photography Paul Auster - The Brooklyn Follies (Czech trans.). * 08/2007 - 3 photographies to book Bohemian Switzerland sceneries * 06/2007 - 80% photographies to book Hotel u Malého Vítka - Cesky Krumlov * 02/2007 - interview for magazine DIGIfoto