Canon EF 85 / 1.8

Canon EF 85 / 1.8

Canon EF 85 / 1.8

The lens I bought mainly for shooting family portraits. The lens is excellent for architecture photography too.

Lens excels not only a perfect drawing, but also the absence of errors, which are characterized by zoom lenses. Lens does not have a problem with distorted images such as the soudkovitost. It is very important to me for architecture photos. There are no problems with chromatic aberrations.

Most lens, of course, appreciate the portraits. The lens has a beautiful bokeh and work with aperture 1.8 is just beautiful.

Positives / Negatives

  • construction
  • no distorsion and aberation
  • excellent image quality
  • aperture 1.8
  • -


focal size / crop focal size: 85 / 136 mm
min. aperture: 1.8
zoom: usm
lens size: 72 mm
weight: 425g

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30.12.2009 | Photo technique

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